Come and Celebrate Goût de France with us

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For the third year running, on March 21st, 2017, Goût de France / Good France will bring together more than 2000 chefs on five continents to celebrate French cuisine. This event, organized in the form of a dinner, will honour the excellence of French cuisine, its capacity for innovation, and the values that it conveys: sharing, enjoy- ment, and respect for our peers, the planet, and the art of eating well.

The third edition of Goût de France / Good France will take place on March 21st, 2017, as a worldwide celebration of the excellence, creativity, and diversity of French cuisine.

Set in motion in 2015, when French cuisine was added to the UNESCO List of Intangi- ble Cultural Heritage, this event is an opportunity for chefs and restaurateurs to show- case recipes inspired by French expertise.

Drawing inspiration from Auguste Escoffier, who, in 1912, launched les Dîners d’Épi- cure as a way of introducing people to the excellence of French cuisine, Goût de France / Good France is revisiting this idea in collaboration with restaurants from the four corners of the Earth.

Le Menu

Première Assiette – First Course

Ballotine Pintade de grains au lobe de foie gras de Canard Rougie et salad de figues
Guinea fowl & duck foie gras Rougie Ballotine, fig salad
Pinot gris Alsace

Deuxième Assiette – Second course

Une Royale, des langoustines et soupe de petits pois frais
Western Australian Scampi, the Royale & pea soup
Bourgogne Blanc

Troisième Assiette – Third course

Duo de boeuf Wagyu Australian, l’entrecote saignante & la queue braisee 72 heures au sirah, pomme mousseline truffee
Wagyu beef Duo; the sirloin medium rare & the braised oxtail 72 hours with Shiraz, Perigord truffle potato puree
Gigondas Rhone Valley

Quatrième Assiette – Forth course

St Maure , pomme & poires a l’huile de noisettes
St Maure goat cheese, apple, pear & hazelnut oil salad

Le Dessert

Tarte souffle au chocolat et sauce chocolat a la cardamone, glace pistache
Chocolate Jivara tart souffle, chocolate & cardamom sauce, pistachio ice cream
Muscat de Beaumes de Venise


Vegetarian & gluten free available
A glass sparkling on arrival, 5 courses “Gout de France” & matching French wines 98.0
Payment required at time of reservation
Reservation 07 31611858 –