Brisbane Times Good Food Month

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Brisbane Times Good Food Month Celebration sponsored by Citi Bank

Sunday Long Lunch “The Black Truffle Celebration” & Live Jazz entertainment

Lutèce Bistro and Wine Bar is celebrating “The Manjimup Black Diamond” on Sunday 1st July

In collaboration with the Brisbane food festival & CITI Bank, Lutèce Chef de Cuisine Daniel Arnold is looking forward to showcasing a range of fine dishes featuring the famous Australian Black Truffles.


“We’re excited to create 4 courses of the Black Diamond for your “Taste buds “will certainly be tantalised on the day with Lutèce favourites.

The Truffle – The Oak Valley property is situated near the intersection of Seven Day Road and Appadene Road, approximately 10km south-west of Manjimup. The Oak Valley property was selected for the trufferie because the region has a similar climate to the truffle-growing regions in France. The property is located close to the existing trufferie at Hazel Hill. which is now successfully producing truffles. Oak Valley is an undulating property previously used for cattle grazing, and adjoins a state forest. The property is comprised of 88ha of cleared land and another 40ha of land under native vegetation. Adjoining the property to the north-west is a dam, which provides the town water supply for Manjimup.

The black truffles characterised by a subtle aroma& an earthy flavour reminiscent of a rich chocolate. They reach their pinnacle of fragrance & flavour end July /August. Like other varieties of truffles, black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) grows beneath the surface of the soil among the root systems of specific types of trees and develops a symbiotic relationship with those trees, which primarily consist of oak, but also beech, hazelnut, chestnut.

The Brisbane times Sunday long Lunch 1st July 2018 at 12.00 for 12.30pm

A glass sparkling on arrival, the 4-course menu & matching wines 99.0 per person The full menu is available on Lutèce website:

For reservation: or by calling (07) 3161 1858.

As the French say – Vive la Truffe!