Gout De France – 19th March 2015

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March 19 will see Brisbane’s leading fine dining restaurant, Romain Bapst’s Brisbane restaurant ‘Lutece’ join over 1000 top French restaurants from around the world in a unique global culinary event. On that night from Paris to Shanghai, Stockholm to Bogota, London to New York some of the world’s finest restaurants will prepare a French dinner to remember..

Famous French chef Alain Ducasse, described the event as a ; “celebration of modern French food that has evolved towards lightness in harmony with it’s environment and a love of what is beautiful and tastes good.”

The ‘Gout de France’ (Good France) Dinner is based on an idea by another legendary French chef, Auguste Escoffier who, in 1912, organised the same menu to be prepared on the same day in several world cities. Now that modern French food has been listed by UNESCO as part of the “cultural heritage of humanity” March 19 will see this fabulous cuisine in full flower at Romain’s ‘Lutece’ with a menu that is low in fat, sugar, salt and protein and that honours tradition while utilising the very best of local seasonal produce.

Just imagine this, slow cooked duck, honey poached figs, chicken with truffles and parsley, Patagonian Tooth fish with fennel puree and perfumed lemon blossom jus. Yummy!

Only a handful of Australia’s finest restaurants of the calibre of Tetsuya’s, Guillaume Brahimi’s restaurants, Neil Perry’s ‘Rockpool’ and Brisbane’s ‘Ecco’ will join Romain Bapst’s Lutece in staging this event.

For those who love great innovative food and it’s heritage this is a night not to be missed and bookings will be essential. Come join is for a night to remember, six courses for just $98 and five per cent of the proceeds will go to a local NGO that promotes health and the environment.

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